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Project objectives and structure

Fast Dot Objectives

FAST-DOT objectives are to:

• Develop QD based laser technology to deliver compact, inexpensive, high-performancelaser sources and devices, in a broad spectral range

• Provide new affordable photonics devices and supporting knowledge to enable
widespread development of Biophotonics applications

• Apply the unique properties of QD-based ultrafast lasers to provide benefits in already existing Biophotonics applications



Prototypes to be developed during FAST-DOT programme

. Monolithic edge-emitting mode-locked lasers with average output power exceeding 50mW and pico and sub-picosecond pulse duration.

. Novel compact high power (>100mW) and ultra-broadband tuneable (>150nm) laser sources.

. A new generation of electrically- and optically-pumped CW and mode-locked verticalextended- cavity-surface-emitted lasers.

. Ultra-compact high-power ultrashort pulse solid-state and fibre lasers based on QDSESAMs.

. A laser microsurgery and imaging systems for biological samples based on novel QD laser technology.